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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What do we do with these netbooks now??

Ok so you have a trolley full of netbooks all blinking their standby lights at you and you're thinking..."so what can these do that paper and a pen can't?"
One thing netbooks can allow students to do is connect and collaborate. Yeah sure...but give me some butcher's paper and a set of markers and we're good to go... But, can you invite a student or professional from another country to participate? Postage and all that....sooo not worth it.

Ever done a mind-map in class? That central idea is drawn in the middle and then you hover the marker over the whiteboard, directing students to think of that next linking idea...let's face it, we've already drawn the whole thing in our heads and are just waiting for them to catch up and feel a part of the process.

Mindmeister is an online collaborative mind-mapping tool that allows multiple users to connect to the same mind-map on a seperate device (yes, netbook) and contribute to the mind-map all in real time. This is quite awesome to watch as you can see the map spreading out in different directions all at once. You can add documents to different sections of the maps, notes and all sorts of things...It has a smartphone and ipad app, although a little overpriced... heck i'll stop rambling and you can watch the video.

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