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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Prezi" - Giving your presentation some wow factor

Prezi is all the rage in presentations now, leaving powerpoint looking a little sleepy and flat sometimes. Yes we've all seen those powerpoint presentations that leave you with nothing but watery eyes from trying to read endless slides.

Prezi is online, free and only about a million times better. I can see people may get a little too crazy with it, but when it's used well, it's a very engaging visual reference for presentations, almost to the extent that you forget there's a speaker there because the screen is so captivating!

Once again with that collaboration aspect...students can group themselves together and contribute to the one prezi from various computers and locations.

Sign up for an education account (it's free) and check it steps. It's not that hard, plus it gives you access to a library of free images that ...well people rip images from google all the time but it's naughty naughty and illegal. This way is perfectly legal under Prezi's license.

Prezi also has an iPad viewer app. Free also

Once again i'll stop the video.

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