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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Co-driving your classroom

Question... do we harness the potential of technology in the classroom??
Take for example, the smartphone.

When phones are not used correctly, yes they can be a distraction. Although, a smartphone with internet access can connect our students to resources, people outside the classroom and a lot more answers than I can give them. No i'm not cutting myself short, i'm just saying that I the teacher, no longer have all the answers. My students are no longer passive learners because they are now connected to knowledge.....and it's all in the palm of their hands, quite literally! So where does that place us?

Teachers are co-drivers now, yes just like a rally car team. The driver would not cover such large distances in the same amount of time without their co-driver there. Sure, they may reach the finish line eventually...but an intuitive, supportive and focussed co-driver can make all the difference.

What must a co-driver do?? Study the environment....know which direction to take. One of my worst mistakes, was assuming that students know how to find relevant quality information online. Ever said this before?..."Use the internet to research your topic." ...hmmm, maybe someone could suggest to you "Use the planet earth to find your car keys".....was that helpful advice?

But surely, their years of experience using facebook, hotmail and video game cheat sites would enable them to synthesize information for assignments?? They need online orienteering, support, advice....a co-driver.

Here is another blog that includes other search engines for education other than google.
Do we even use google effectively???

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Liam said...

Cool comments! I love the analogy of the rally car driver. Referring to teachers as instructors really is an outdated perspective of our role and a shift in thinking is long overdue.
✪ Liam ✪
Twist of Liam

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